Hello! We are excited to share our luxury bathrooms for your wedding or event. We are a family owned and operated business. We operate out of Montrose, CO and service the surrounding area. Customer service and a clean upscale restroom are guaranteed for every event.

Have you ever gotten all dresses up to go to a wedding and a few beers or cocktails in you have to go to the restroom only to find that you’ll have to hoist up that fancy dress and make your way into your classic porta-potty? What if you’ve had one too many and can’t hold your dress up properly only to find some blue dye on the back of your dress? And then you have to come out and try to use the pump water station in your high heels, while trying not to drop your clutch or splash any water on yourself. Then once you’ve made it through (hopefully) all of that, you run out of paper towels.

Yeah, it’s happened to us too and that’s why we created a beautiful, functional upscale bathroom for the attendees at your wedding or event. Your guests will be “Wowed” by how roomy, clean and stylish our bathrooms are. And they will be happy to know that after the champagne toast they won’t be standing in a long line waiting, because there are two stalls in the Ladies side and one stall and one urinal in the Mens side.

We currently are working on our 2020 reservations so please give us a call. We’d love to help you out with your special day!


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